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Arrest warrant records search  

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Nationwide warrants search

Nationwide Wants and Warrants search utilizes the National Crime Information Center to search for active, extraditable Wants and Warrants issued at the Nationwide level. County Wants and Warrants that have been outstanding for quite some time may be elevated to the Nationwide level.

Arrest warrant search detail

Warrant records search- warrant records search sample 

- Retrieve active and extraditable warrant records warrant records (7 years)
- Turnaround time - 2 to 3 business days in most states
- Manual retrieval by experienced court researchers

Your report includes:

- Case number
- File date
- Arrest date

- Status
- Charges
- County name


 ~ SAMPLE REPORT ~ Warrant records search

 Subject Information:

Name: Doe, John

AKA: None

SSN: 999-88-XXXX

Date of birth: 03/25/19XX verified

County/State: Maricopa, AZ

 Warrant Information:

Case #: 2001-CF-5141
Charge: Grand Theft
Sentence: $1,000,000 WARRANT ISSUED
Disposition date: 04/08/19XX
Warrant Issued on : 01/24/19XX
Note: Other charges found by subject

End of warrant records search report

This is a sample report. Actual report format and information retrieved may vary by states.
Arrest warrant records search  

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